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Raise Money, Lower Stress

Your custom online fundraiser page is easy to use and eliminates all the hassle of old fundraisers. Imagine: No order forms. No tallying of orders. No counting money or dealing with checks. No dealing with endless boxes of products and figuring out how to distribute them to the purchasers. All that headache is removed!

  • Your supporters can order directly from their phone, tablet, or computer, and items are immediately shipped directly to them.
  • Get your fundraiser online quickly with no upfront costs. At the end of the fundraiser, you’ll receive a profit check. No invoices to pay.
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Supercharged Sharing

Fundraising has always been about numbers: The more people you can engage, the more you’ll raise. Boon Supply makes it simple for you to drive engagement. By eliminating all the hassle of taking and distributing orders and putting the power of social media at your fingertips, you can focus on what matters.

  • Everyone can participate, even if they can’t shop. By using our Boost feature, it’s easy to add email addresses of potential supporters, and we’ll keep your fundraiser in their inbox.
  • From your custom page, easily share your fundraiser in a text or post it to social media. They can post directly to Facebook and Twitter, or copy the link and add it to Instagram, Nextdoor, TikTok, wherever your supporters are.
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Something for Everyone

Experience new ways to give back: There are four ways to support a Boon Supply fundraiser - through buying eco-friendly products, shopping for an interactive virtual experience, purchasing cookie dough or donating directly.

  • Products: Good for you, good for the planet and good for your community. Every purchase gives back 40%.
  • Experiences: In the spirit of going lightly on the Earth and engaging with our communities, join a Boon Experience or buy an Outschool Class Pass to learn just about anything you can imagine. Gives back 40%.
  • Cookie Dough, Home Delivered: Who can resist a freshly baked cookie - especially one that gives back 40%? Fresh, high-quality ingredients in flavors that are tried and true, and delivered directly to your door. Available in tubs or pre-portioned packages.
  • Direct Donation: You can now donate directly to your favorite cause on Boon Supply. Funds are transferred directly to your cause, it is simple and secure. Gives back 80%.
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Everything You Need to Succeed

Boon Supply Fundraisers include advanced chair tools and reports, a free prize program for schools, and a team of consultants dedicated to helping you achieve your fundraising goals.

  • Our prize program includes prizes for sharing and selling, from planet plush keychains all the way to a Mongoose Scooter.
  • Our chair dashboard features real-time reports to keep you informed, and powerful tools such as automatically-generated parent letters in English and Spanish to make it easy to spread the word throughout your community.
  • Your dedicated Boon Consultant is a phone call away, and you can chat with our support staff directly from your dashboard.

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